8-8-17 We Take Turns Boring Each Other

August 8, 2017

Tesla Model 3, Jarron's 1Gbps internet, Cyrptocurrency update, Toyota BS, HTC is back, AMD Vega and Threadripper, SNES Classic, Big Tape Storage, Tinder for Twitter, Hyperloop, RED Hydrogen, USB 3.2, Elon Part Duex 


7-25-17 Speakers! In Your Hat!

July 25, 2017

GeoThermal, pokemon Go, McDelivery, Hyperloop, Oculus Exec predicts telepathy, Star Wars Hotel, Self-sterilizing handrails, TabBank, Nintendo Switch Online app, Cheap Crystal Dynamics Games, Ataribox, Atari Speakerhat


7-11-17 The Mighty Mantis Shrimp!

July 11, 2017

Nintendo Switch Dock, PS4 games on PC, Disney 4K bluray, Nintendo Switch Online App, Halo 5 on Xbox One X, THE AMABRUSH, The Mantis Shrimp, RED Phone, AMD Vega, Amazon Prime Day, 

The Third Thumb


6-27-17 The Cryptocurrency Rabbit Hole

June 28, 2017

Cryptocurrency, Nintendo E3, Thrifty Fifty, SNES Classic, Project Heimdall, Not a Hotdog, Amazon MLFCUAV, Steam Summer Sale, USPS Informed Delivery, Sega Forever, James' list for aspiring video editors.


6-13-17 WWDC and E3 Bonanza!

June 13, 2017

WWDC, Apple HomePod, New 10.5” iPad Pro, iMac Pro, Xbox One X, Tons of Games, Military backing all new type of processor, More MegaBots!, Xbox E3 Keynote, Sony E3 Keynote, Bethesda Keynote, EA Keynote, Crypto Currency.


5-30-17 Cats, Games, Tech, and Go FCC yourself

May 30, 2017

The games we're playing, Diamonds+Silicon=Quantum Computers, ASRock shows off some crazy MOBOs, Bitcoin insanity, Intel CPU announcement leak, DJI Spark, AI Paint colors, Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, Google I/O, Sphero’s Lightning McQueen, Gatebox. Japan’s answer to relationships, 8k monitors, Thunderbolt 3, Net Neutrality Hack - The GoFCCyourself.com


5-16-17 Perhaps Our New Longest Episode Ever

May 16, 2017

Win Apps on ARM, Android O=frequent updates, MP3 is dead, Big Xbox back compat sale,First truly wireless xbone headset, Phantom Dust Remake is FREE, Amazon Echo Show, Thrifty Fifty, Surface Laptop, Windows 10 S, Windows 10 Timeline, Hulu Live, Review Rick and Morty VR, Tesla is taking quotes for solar roofs, hackers hackers everywhere, pure android in your car, Ok, what is WannaCry, What is Daplie


5-2-17 Nintendo News, Elon Musk, and a Sony Camera

May 2, 2017

Sony’s A9 Camera, New Vizio TVs, Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels, Call of Duty: WWII, EOL alerts for Pixel and Pixel XL, Big story games are dying?, why are batteries exploding, New Google Earth, Blackberry taking it’s last breath, Nexus 6p Class action lawsuit, Nintendo 2DS XL, Elon Musk Boring Company


4-18-17 Lots of Video Game Talk

April 18, 2017

Nintendo discontinues the NES Classic, Project Scorpio Specs,Zelda BotW Amiibo hacking, Nintendo sells more copies of Zelda than Switches, Xbox’s New Dashboard, AMD Ryzen 5 Launch i5vsRyzen5, Battlefront 2 has a good writer, PS4s are roach motels, QWERTY Keyboard, Review the WeMo smart switch - Thrifty Fifty,  IoT: change your dang default passwords!, OH YEAH! Megabots is happening, Review: EGO 21” 56 Volt Self-propelled Lawn Mower.


4-4-17 Galaxy S8 and ISPs selling your browsing history

April 4, 2017

Homemade Iron Man Suit, Batman Arkham VR coming to PC, Samsung Galaxy S8, April Fool’s jokes on tech blogs, your ISP selling your internet history, Mad Catz is dead, Elon Musk and Neural Link, Optane Memory, Blizzard Starcraft Remastered, Play Dishonoured 2 trial for free starting 4/6,