7-10-18 Pokemon WHOA

July 10, 2018

Halo on TV, Segway Drift, Laser Gun, Surface Go tablet, Pokemon prints money, Warframe on Switch, Smash Ultimate, MoviePass surge pricing, Nathan Drake luck meter, Elon's sub, Thanos Subreddit, Cledis, Summer Games Done Quick, Amazon Prime Day, ISPs are shady, New Nvidia GPUs, Apple Products=Rich People 


6-26-18 E3 2018

June 27, 2018

We go over pretty much all the announcements from E3 2018


6-12-18 WWDC and Computex

June 12, 2018

Intel News, AMD News, Keyboardless laptop, ZTE, iOS12, Apple TV, Essential Mods, Sonos Beam, Laserdiscs, Brawler N64 controller, Crypto Currency and Masternodes, Real life Silicon Valley, Apple hates Crypto, ARM is getting serious.


5-30-18 James Reports on Japan

May 30, 2018

James Reports on Japan, Nintendo News, DLC for Star Citizen, Samsung Q6FN Review, Essential wasn’t essential enough, Black Ops 4 & Battlefield V, New VR Screen, BendGaste was REAL, Dockless Switch, Halo Arcade, Play Pokemon Go Responsibly, AI Apocalypse Begins, Alexa is listening, State of Decay single player review.


5-15-18 Nintendo Online Plans and Google IO

May 15, 2018

Nintendo Online Detailed, Steam App upgrades, Google IO, JBL Soundbar, Android P, Microsoft Build, Adios Net Neutrality, SSD prices falling, Sky Taxis, FTC fights back agains Warranty stickers, Apple disables Lightning port after 7 days


5-1-18 Now with 68% less Crypto Currency!

May 1, 2018

Cyborg Dragons, Game Gear, Itunes, God of War, AMD Navi 20 and Zen 2, Rayguns, Pig Brains, Windows Subscriptions, TV Pictures, Nest and Ecobee, WoW, Xbox 120hz, Switch hack, Hyperloop Goods Transport, Amazon Prime Pricehike, Apple Routers are gone, Windows 10 Spring Update, John McAfee Crypto Schill


4-17-18 The JDD is for ADD

April 17, 2018

AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen CPUs, God of War, VR Junkies, Thrifty 50, HD Vinyl, New Vizio TVs, Xbox X Enhanced Games, Sega MegaDrive Mini, Billy Mitchell, CryptoMinute, Facebook Leak, Boring Hats, James' Top 5 games in 2018


4-3-18 A Well Rounded Episode

April 3, 2018

Facebook, Elon Musk News, Titan V problems, Nvidia Enterprise Level Stuff, GPU Mining Cards, Cloudflare DNS, Huawei P20/Pro, Ford News, Wifi on the Moon, Video Games are Hard, Intel vs ARM, Crypto Minute, Jarron Breaks his Phone X


3-20-18 Smart Device Talk

March 20, 2018

Hover backpacks, Battlefront II fixes, BS, Homepod Review, SmartPlug Reviews, Uber Death,  RIP Stephen Hawking, Raspberry Pi3B+, Xiaomi Flagship phone, MicroLED, New God of War, Greykey, Navy using 360 controllers, New VR from Vive 


3-6-18 The Audio is Fixed This Time. For Real.

March 6, 2018

BS, Sony Camera, Sony Phones, Galaxy S9, Nokia 8110, Asus Zenphone 5, Lightphone 2, Ring Bought by Amazon, Google Clips, Xbox on Mac, Duke Half-Life, Video Game Violence, Cyberdyne Exo-Skeleton, Spyro, Crypto News